The Fiverr Misconception


“You can’t earn good money from fiverr selling at only $5 a pop!”

….are the cries from the population.

“You can if you sell enough. Look at McDonalds who sell burgers for $4!…”

….is the response of those who are a little more switched on.

Lets look at the situation from another perspective. Let’s put on our opportunity spectacles and see through the eyes of a profitable businessperson who doesn’t like to be a busy fool. Let’s swing ourselves around to the other side of the desk.

If you want to profit from fiverr you do not have to participate amongst everyone to offer your own gigs.

Take a brief look at fiverr. Skim through every category and make a brief mental note of the variation of gigs and the sheer effort people are willing to put into these gigs for a pittance of $5.

You do not have to join the collective to scrape in these $5′s ($4 after Fiverr tax) in hope that they will accumulate into something hugely fruitful.

Everyone on fiverr is your workforce.

The proper money to be made from Fiverr is from a process known as arbitrage. This is simply buying and selling for more.

If a user is offering to do a personal portrait for $5 don’t think to yourself “I could do the same because I have artistic talent”, rather “I could build a website to sell this service for $500 pass the work onto this individual and net $495!”

Think Bigger! Think Wiser!


Daniel Evans
Dedicated Fiverr Fiend!

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Profit from Fiverr!


“Why don’t you offer your service on Fiverr? “

“I think you should put this crazy service on Fiverr, people will surely buy!”

These are generally the kind of sentences that are used when people talk about making money off the internet and profiting with Fiverr. Getting a profit from Fiverr is not really a big thing, getting a big profit from Fiverr would be big.

Essentially, Fiverr functions on the cost effective way to offer services. Where else would you find services for that cheap?

A person selling services on Fiverr in a bid to profit from Fiverr should keep a few things in mind.


Even if one of the above is missing, the seller will see red!

Quality is the number one priority to run a successful business on Fiverr. The quality of your service should not be compromised for anything. You should always deliver the best of your abilities to your customer. This ensures that you have a good rating and you have repeat customers.

Responding to your potential customers three days after they send you a message means that you are not interested in them. A responsive seller will see more sales in the long run simply because he is there to help and assist his customers whenever they need him. This certainly doesn’t mean that you need to be awake all the time! It just means that you have to be quick in replying.

Deliver late and you have almost lost your customer. Customers would love to have their work done earlier than expected. If you deliver early they would be happy, if you deliver at the time you promised them, they would still be happy. Always make sure that you deliver on time, one more step to get a long term customer and to profit from Fiverr in the long term.

Customer support, although highly similar to timely response, is still a bit different. Once a customer places an order, he would want to give you info as to how he wants things to be done. You will need to get that info from the customer and act on that. After the work is complete, you should go ahead and tell the customer that the work has been complete and you should certainly ask the customer if he needs any changes. Most customers will need small changes, some will not. In any case, it is wise to ask the customer if he needs any changes.

Quality, response, delivery and support are absolutely necessary if you are really in a bid to profit from Fiverr in the long run. You will need to build a reputation, as you build your rep, you shall be on  your way to banking big from the revolution called Fiverr. Even if you miss one of the above important points, there is a very high chance that your business is on the verge of crashing if not crashed already! Customers are the key, get customers, talk to them and keep them happy.


Daniel Evans
Dedicated Fiverr Fiend!

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Need Cash? Make it on The Internet


From the time the internet was born, there was always something new to learn. Be it facts, news, health or absolutely anything, the internet has it all. One fine day, the question came up; can you make money on the internet? Yes came the answer. Frankly yes, you can make money on the internet. But then, you don’t really make money clicking ads all day, you don’t make money by viewing silly web pages all day. You make money by selling your services or you make money by helping others sell their services, this again is a service so let’s stop at selling services. The first thing you have to know when you get into your internet venture is that this is also a business. You will have both sides of the coin. You might see profits, you might see losses. Internet marketing is as risky as any other business. Keep this in mind and you will start off in the best way possible.

For starters, it is wise to offer services. In case you are good with article writing, you can offer an article writing service which can grow into a full-fledged business. You can also take the golden path of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, as it is termed is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. It certainly involves a lot of risk when compared to most online ventures but the profit potential is absolutely awesome. There have been people who have spent around $100 on advertising and they have gone on to make profits of over $1000. But, there are people who have spent $100 and lost it right away.

A lot of people advice you to go for search engine optimization when it comes to making money on the internet. They feel that the safest bet to make money online would be to go with search engine optimization as you don’t spend a lot of money except for hosting and domains. The only thing which you will be spending is your time. Agreed, you need to spend some time to get things running, but you will be spending a lot of time on search engines and their algorithms. There are websites that are coughing up four figures everyday only through search engines, but they have been around for a very long time.

Building a reputation for a website takes quite a lot of time. In my opinion, you should consider investing small amounts in advertising on facebook and other advertising platforms and you should also go with search engine optimization for the long run. With affiliate marketing, the first question would be, what niche should I choose? The age old answer would be, “choose a niche you are passionate about.” People don’t share passions! Find a niche where there is scope for profit. Then find a product in the niche. Once you find the product, make sure that the product sells. Once you are sure about all these, you are on your way to make money on the internet!


Daniel Evans
Dedicated Fiverr Fiend!

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The Fiverr Revolution


One website that has literally taken the word by storm is Fiverr uses a unique concept in which the seller sells for $5. The items being sold here are generally not items, but they are services. Although eBooks and other stuff are being sold on Fiverr, they certainly aren’t as popular as some of the wonderful services that are being sold on Fiverr. Ever since Fiverr arrived, there were people who started to make money on Fiverr. You guessed it, they sold services. Fiverr hosts a variety of services. The services that are being sold there are normally accompanied by some really good reviews although quite a lot of them have a host of mixed reviews. One of the best ways to make money on Fiverr would be by offering internet marketing services. Let me term them in a simpler way, offer services that will help internet marketers. Services like article writing, article rewriting and article spinning are those services that are highly sought on Fiverr. Other internet marketing services that will help you to make money on Fiverr would be back links, website optimization and various design services.

People on Fiverr have made Fiverr a five digit business. With the number of sales they get per day, most of them have teams and offices to do the work. But then they did not get to that stage with ease. It took those Fiverr sellers at least a few months of hard work before they could get to the point where they were overloaded with work. Once that point came, it was almost no turning back as they constantly had work and that work had to be completed in a stipulated amount of time. The term making money from Fiverr had a new meaning when they started making all that money on Fiverr alone.

Once you’ve started your business, it is very important that you get some really good reviews. Reviews and ratings form an important part of building a solid business. To make money on Fiverr, you certainly need to have many positive reviews. These positive reviews will help you to get more customers in the future. Let me give you a nice example, I would not buy from a person who has a few positive reviews, I would buy from a person who has lots of positive reviews. Be warned that getting reviews will take time, it does not happen instantly. You need to have patience to get your reviews, but once those reviews come in, you will have more business than you can handle.

After you get a sizable number of gigs, your daily orders would only increase. It is at this point that you must be very careful. One should maintain a log of everything like transactions and dates so that he can verify them at a later stage to confirm that the gig was complete. Businesses have crashed because people couldn’t manage the business well. One bad customer will damage your reputation, make sure that this doesn’t happen and you are well on your way to make a lot of money on Fiverr.


Daniel Evans
Dedicated Fiverr Fiend!

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In Demand Fiverr Gigs


Fiverr has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. People first saw it as a decent idea, but it turned out to be the next big thing. With support pouring in from all corners of the world for this wonderful little beast, let’s take a look at what the best Fiverr gigs are.

There are absolutely numerous Fiverr gigs on Fiverr; very few have a distinction of being one of the very best. It’s not just the quality of the services being offered, it is also the uniqueness of the gig itself. There are a few gigs on Fiverr that deal with voice over services. If you have a good voice, you have a very good future on Fiverr. A lot of people are shy to let their voice take them to dizzying heights. In other cases, their voices might not be good enough to let people listen to them. In such cases, the best option for that particular person would be to hire a person who can provide voice over services. Fiverr has very few but wonderful people who offer their services. If you happened to have a good voice, you should certainly give this a try. Wait for a few days to have your first gig, once you get a positive rating, you are sure to get loads of offers in a very short period of time.

Another gig that has been doing well, that is doing well and that will be doing well is video marketing. Many people are camera shy. They prefer to stay away from the camera no matter what. They are left with no other option but to hire someone to be in front of the camera for them. Such gigs are one of the most sought after. People get tons of orders on such gigs and they have been doing pretty well over the past few months.

Program coding and code editing is also another famous part of Fiverr. Normally a coder or a code editor will cost you anywhere over $30-$300 and hour depending on his/her abilities. The coders usually have too much of work and yours is likely to be the last priority. With Fiverr, you have relatively new people such as students who offer gigs. Since computer science students are still learning things, they would be more than happy to sort out a glitch, add a piece of code or help you with your site in any possible way for a simple $5.

A rather unconventional but clever gig would be flyer distribution. Normally one would choose a local in the area, contact him through phone and set things up. If you are going the Fiverr way, all you need to do is send the seller the text of your flyer. The seller would then print them and distribute them, all for $5. This beats all the rates in the market. With the high volume, the seller sees profit. There sure is light at the end of the tunnel!


Daniel Evans
Dedicated Fiverr Fiend!

how to make fiverr moneyhow to make money on fiverr free ebook

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